'...Taking the hassle out of the haircut' ... since 2002!

 Nothing fancy...just an old bus really. Yet it's the simple ideas they say...

 No more driving into a congested town, finding a parking space before the shop shuts...Paying for the parking...Waiting in the queue hoping you get taken before the ticket runs out...Belting back to the car because it had...Who needs that hassle

 What could be easier than finding a barbershop that came to you? Parking in the car park beside it (for free) listening to the jokes, debates, maybe adding your own...or if the queue's too big come back around in a while - it's only round the corner after all...and if all that didn't make sense you even get the option of an 'Out of Hours' service at no extra cost!!

 Kind of makes you wonder what you did before doesn't it..?



Bus available at the following location

MON -- Call for an appointment
TUE --  Call for appointment
WED -- Call for appointment
THUR -- Call for an appointment
FRI -- BEECH WAY – (Opposite Asda) 12:00 – 5:00
SAT –-CLINIC 9:00 - 3.00

New service: ‘’out of hours’’ – ‘’at my home’’  - call it what you want – but it is helping to decrease the size of the queue at traditionally busy times !

Basically I recently started in earnest to cut more and more at my house – this way clients can now get their haircut practically anytime, any day right up to 11pm !!!

This must make me one of the most available barbers anywhere !! 

All I ask is that you give me a ring first to make sure I am in - drive up from the ‘Bay [ takes about 4 minutes] – park - and get your haircut [ NO QUEUE ] .

No extra cost and a lot less hassle…!  Give it a go !

Business Opportunity

A mobile barber shop…? It’s the business !

For the most part hairdressing/barbering is an enjoyable way to make a living. You meet all types of characters, make friends, enjoy lively debates and a barber shop has always had a kind of ‘keystone of the community’ feel about it. It is a hub, a meeting place, a debating chamber, a place where the world and it’s problems can be put right… Oh and a place to get your haircut.

There are times though when it can be a lonely place. Looking out at the same view hour after hour waiting for the next customer. And of course, worrying about how you are to pay for the rent and rates of the premises you are in.

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